Cafe Čokl


The City’s best location for morning coffee.

Located at the base of Ljubljana castle’s amazing funicular railway is a small coffee shop called Cafe Čokl. It serves beautifully made espresso and milk coffee as well as a range of hand made lemonades and fruit drinks.

The patio area is pretty small and the inside, even smaller. But the location right next to the city market is perfect; especially in the mornings when the outdoor is bathed in sunlight. Despite bing just a couple of minutes walk from Prešeren Trg (or Prešeren square), the cafe has a somewhat more local feel than others nearer the city centre and prices are extremely reasonable too. This is especially surprising considering their commitment to sustainability and using the best ingredients.

Čokl uses coffee beans that are selected and roasted by a local cooperative called Buna. They follow the established principals of fair trade and their coffee is transported in reused packaging all the way from the importer to the end user. For me, their espresso has more of a third wave flavour than other places in the city and sitting on the terrace in the morning is a great way to spend twenty minutes. It’s well worth hunting out.


Krekov trg 8, Ljubljana

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