Gostilnica 5-6 kg

5-6kg Ljubljana

Pizza and pork in Trnovo.

This restaurant used to be located in the old city, near the top of Gorni Trg where it specialised in pork dishes. If I remember correctly, the name comes from the ideal weight for suckling pig but in either case, it was always packed and the food was excellent.

in 2020 it relocated to Trnovo which is just a two minute walk from the Šentjakobski most bridge at the southern end of the city. It’s in a small street on the embankments of Gradaščica canal with some other well known food and drinks spots nearby. The restaurant  acquired a reputation for great pizza  and the menu specialises in this. However, a number of meat dishes are still available such as the breaded cutlet in the photo below.

In colder weather, 5-6kg is welcoming inside and in the summer, the outside seating is an interesting change from the city with a slightly more relaxed feel. There’s a good natured buzz about the place and the entire street in the evenings too.


Eipprova ulica 17, 1000 Ljubljana

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