Klub Rečnih Kapitanov

Ljubljana Klub Rečnih Kapitanov

Relax in the shade by the river.

Strolling from the city to Špica and back, you might well miss this the small Klub Rečnih Kapitanov bar altogether unless you know it’s there. It consists of a few quiet tables are tucked away beneath the “Prulski most” bridge into Prule and is located on the southern bank of the Ljubljanica river.

The name Klub Rečnih Kapitanov translates as “river captains’ club” and as well as a variety of cultural events, the location is a huge part of the appeal. In the summer months when temperatures are high and shade is at a premium, an hour listening to music with locally brewed beers in the cool air next to the river is time very well spent. Every few minutes a boat full of waving tourists might pass, but the rest of the time it’s quiet and shady and relaxing.

The tempo picks up in the evenings but if you’re in the city during the day and want to feel as though you’re miles away, this is a great spot. Finding it is easy. Walk through the old town with the city behind you and you’ll be heading south. When you come to the large road called Zoisova Cesta, cross over the bridge and continue in the same direction with the Ljubljanica river on your left. After a hundred metres a pathway will appear along the riverbank and five minutes later you will literally find yourself walking through the bar. It’s a real attraction of Ljubljana that such a short walk can make you feel as though you’re way outside the capital.


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