Ljubljana Districts

About the City
ljubljana district map

A quick guide to the geography of the city.

The City Municipality of Ljubljana comprises 17 districts but as a short-break visitor, you are more likely to find yourself in one of the central ten. These are arranged in a radial pattern around the Central district and in clockwise order from the top, include:

  • Centre: Contains the old town, shopping and financial areas and many of the cafes, bars and restaurants in which you’ll find yourself
  • Bežigrad: Primarily residential and extending from the central station in the south to the city ring road in the north
  • Jarše: Stretches north-east up to the Sava river and includes BTC, the city’s largest shopping mall complex
  • Moste: A rectangular district following the Ljubljanica river and including the city power station and Kodeljevo sports park
  • Golovec: Comprised primarily of the beautiful Golovec Hill with its many woods and nature trails
  • Rudnik: Residential area that extends south-west across the Ljubljana marshlands
  • Trnovo: Bound by the river in the north and including a few lively locations to eat and drink
  • Vič: Large district to the west of the city and extending into the marshlands
  • Rožnik: Consists of much of Rožnik Hill, part of Tivoli City Park and the Ljubljana Zoo
  • Šiška: Contains the other half of Tivoli park and the most populous district in the city

Travelling around Ljubljana districts is quick, easy and safe thanks to the small size of the city and an excellent local bus service. Traffic gets quite busy at peak times but the streets are otherwise well maintained and well signposted. It’s also a very pleasant city to walk in, being particularly green for a capital and having underpasses and safe crossings across major roads. The amazing BicikeLJ city bike system also has collection and drop-off points everywhere if you prefer to cycle.


Note: Header image district map from the excellent City of Ljubljana website.

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