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Moderna galerija ljubljana

Ljubljana’s city centre modern art gallery.

Ljubljana has a number of excellent galleries to visit but my favourite (so far) is the MG+ Moderna Galerija or Museum of Modern Art. It’s located just at the underpass into Tivoli Park. It has a number of large spaces housing a permanent collection of 20th century Slovenian art and also features regular installations from other artists.

The Moderna Galerija is about ten minutes walk from the old town. Just head up from Prešeren square, away from the river, cross the wide buses-only Slovenska Cesta and go past the opera house. Entrance was just €5 the last time I visited although a number of the rooms were still closed following a serious flood earlier in the year.

If you have an interest in graphic design, there are always interesting pieces here to inspire you. Old posters and woodcut prints from the socialist era always give me lots of new ideas for my work, and newer pieces such as  those from the avant-garde 1980’s “Laibach” movement are always on show.

The MG+ gallery  has a great coffee shop in the basement where you’ll also find an attended cloakroom for your coats. The upstairs gift shop is way above average too with shelves of fascinating books to help you remember your visit and learn more about the artists you’ve seen. It’ll take you less than an hour to look around and I definitely recommend that you do.


Cankarjeva ulica 15, Ljubljana

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