Špica Park

Špica park, Ljubljana

Deckchairs, drinks and sleeping dogs.

Ljubljana is bisected by the Ljubljanica river. But looking at a map, you can see that it actually only splits for a few miles to go either side of the castle. At the southern point of this is Špica Park. The word Špica translates as “pointed tip” and this park is located in a narrow piece of land that overlooks the confluence of the rivers.

The park is small with a couple of well-kept lawns that lead on to large stone steps down to the banks of the river. There are a few free deckchairs scattered around and while you need to move quickly to grab one, it’s just as comfortable to lie on the warm grass or sit on the steps and watch the boats go by. There’s a small cafe here too that serves coffee, cocktails and beer. It also serves food though I’ve not tried anything other than an essential summer ice cream. Generally, I use Špica Park as a spot to relax in the sun on lazy afternoons before walking back along the river bank into the city.

At those times, it feels almost like a beach club location in this regard. Especially if there is a little quiet music playing above the constant parade of small tourist boat tours that pass by, turn around and return to the city. There’s also a BicikeLJ city bike stand right next door so it’s easy to cycle here and walk back or vice versa. In the evenings, the mood is a little more upbeat and you can often find groups of young people bringing their own food and drinks to enjoy. There is live music and cultural events too and just across the footbridge is the botanical gardens. That’s another spot that’s worth a visit, especially in the morning if you’re searching for breakfast.


Gruberjevo nabrežje 20, Ljubljana

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