Moderna galerija ljubljana

Moderna galerija

Ljubljana Culture
Ljubljana’s city centre modern art gallery. Ljubljana has a number of excellent galleries to visit but my favourite (so far) is the MG+ Moderna Galerija or Museum of Modern Art.…
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Kogresni Trg Ljubljana

Congress Square

About the City
The green centre of the city. Congress Square appears as a large green area on the city map and is usually referred to by it’s Slovene name, Kogresni Trg (pronounced…
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Cafe Čokl

The City’s best location for morning coffee. Located at the base of Ljubljana castle’s amazing funicular railway is a small coffee shop called Cafe Čokl. It serves beautifully made espresso…
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Tozd cafe, Ljubljana

Tozd Cafe

Flat white and the city’s best playlist. Tozd Cafe has become my first stop on just about every walk I take around the city. You can find this small cafe…
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