The British-Slovene Society

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The best way to connect with Slovenes in the UK.

The British-Slovene Society is a registered charity founded in 1993. It exists to facilitate contact and promote friendship between between Slovene and British people in the United Kingdom.

It achieves this by sharing information about Slovenia in the UK and promoting cultural and educational  relations between the two countries. The society also organises a wide range of events, including an annual dinner, a summer picnic, lunches, a winter carol service, concerts and informative talks about Slovenia.

More than this however, the British-Slovene society is a fantastic organisation in which to find networking opportunities for all people interested in Slovenia, Ljubljana and its culture. The society maintains contacts with the British Slovenia All Party Group in Parliament and has excellent close relations with the Slovene Embassy in London.

The society is brilliantly administered by its membership manager, Evelina Ferrar, and an annual subscription is a just £15, reduced even further to a fiver for students. There’s absolutely no better way for British people to start learning more about this beautiful country.

I run the society Twitter account and there’s an active Facebook page as well as a regularly updated society website and mailing list to keep updated on upcoming events.

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