Tozd Cafe

Tozd cafe, Ljubljana

Flat white and the city’s best playlist.

Tozd Cafe has become my first stop on just about every walk I take around the city. You can find this small cafe slightly hidden away by the riverside out towards the west of the centre, on a parallel street to the old town cobbles. In the summer, there’s a lively buzz about Tozd’s outdoor area that seems to attract a slightly more local crowd than places nearer to Prešeren Square. When the weather is cooler, its small but beautiful indoor seating is the perfect place to warm up with excellently made coffee. It’s also clear that somebody made a real effort to design the interior and if you’re there alone, there’s always some new design detail to catch your eye.

Speaking of which, the flat white is the stand-out drink for me here. It’s a large serving as the image above shows and it costs around €3.40. That’s not inexpensive for Slovenia but a bargain compared with some of the mass market coffee prices we get back in the UK. You can also get small snacks such as cheese toasties and the occasional chocolate brownie that are perfect if you need a quiet bite to eat but are in a rush. The staff are friendly and will be polite about your attempts to speak the language; a particularly nice gesture as their English always seems to be perfect.

The other great thing about Tozd, in addition to the decor and coffee, is the music. I don’t know where they get their playlist from but I spend half my time there using the Shazam app to find the names of tunes so I can listen to them again at home. It’s a very relaxed, almost ’90s lounge mood that makes the time fly by as you sit looking out of the large picture windows.


Gallusovo nabrežje 27, Ljubljana

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